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AccuFlow IBP-550 Syringe Pump

AccuFlow IBP-550 Syringe Pump is intended to be used in critical care areas to provide intermittnet or continuous flow of syringe infusion therapy to patients.

The pump has built in safety features and carries out a Power on Self-Test (POST) every time it is switched on. On Screen-Guidance helps the user with programming and minimizes use errors.

While the infusion is in progress, Editing option is available to modify the programmed Infusion parameters.

There are two modes of Programming, Normal and Emergency mode. Emergecy mode helps in starting an infusion instantaneously.

Salient Features

  • Patented Closed-loop Control System for Improved Accuracy
  • User Centered Design
  • Easy to Use Intuitive Controls
  • Programmable Bolus Volume
  • Contextual and Categorized Alarms
  • Occlusion Detection and Antisphoning
  • Portable with Integrated Battery Pack

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