vTitan Corporate

About Us

vTitan, a multinational company with offices in California, USA, Tamil Nadu, India and Singapore, is engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sales of innovative world-class medical devices in critial care space that would aid hospitals to improve patient outcome in line with our motto "Safer Healthcare for Everyone".

vTitan, is currently developing the technology advanced, cost-effective next-generation SMART syringe and large volume infusion pumps for the global market.

vTitan's Competitive Advantage includes

  • IP in medication develivery products
  • Expertise in design and manufacture of proprietary infusion devices
  • In-house R D / manufacturing capability with global supply chain
  • Established and experienced Distribution channels
  • Superior after sales support


Leader in development of cost effective next generation intelligent, sensor based, automatic closed loop controlled syringe and large volume infusion pumps.


To improve the quality of medical care for future generations by employing safe and co-effective innovation and adaptation of latest engineering and technological advancements.