Accuflow VE Syringe Pump is designed to provide accurate infusion with an easy-to-use programmable interface and control mechanism.

The pump is ideal for hospital ICU, wards and outpatient care. The pump ensures increased patient safety through built-in alarm feature to detect and alert care providers.

Product Features

Real-Time Infusion Status

Remote monitoring dashboard displays the status of all the infusing devices. Infusion parameters - Rate, Volume infused, Bolus delivered, Time remaining are displayed in real-time. Critical alarm conditions are colour-coded and displayed to alert the user.

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Configurable Drug Library
Consists of drug categories along with the colour codes and dosage / rate limits. When the input is outside the limits, the user is alerted, thus avoiding dosage errors.

Infusion Audit Reports
Records the infusion status across patient timeline and across multiple patients. Report can be exported in .CSV file format and shared via email.

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