Healthcare professionals are the front line warriors in battling the COVID-19 situation. Their exposure to COVID patients is high, so are the risks of infection. This highlights the need for reduced contact time between the patient and the healthcare professionals. This can be made possible with the right set of automation and monitoring tools.

In today's scenario, IV infusion is a common need in the COVID wards. But, infusion pumps are fewer in stock and hospitals are not able to manage the increasing demand for infusion. Accuflow Drip monitor will be a suitable solution across wards for delivering better patient care. It monitors the infusion parameters namely drip rate, drop count, flow rate and volume infused. It also alerts the nursing staff on critical conditions such as occlusion, high flow rate and IV bag empty conditions.

In addition, a large number of patients in the wards have significantly increased the work load on nursing staff. Accuflow Drip Monitor with remote monitoring solution enables the nurses to monitor the patients from the comfort of nursing station and focus on other critical tasks.

WHO guidance for "Priority medical devices in the context of COVID-19" released in April 2020, includes an electronic drop counter on the list of recommended medical equipment. Accuflow drip monitor functions as a 99% accurate electronic drop counter that can also alert users when drip-rate changes or when the IV bag is empty.

Accuflow Drip Monitor for COVID-19 assistance

Accuflow Drip monitor is
-Easy to use
-Requires low maintenance
-Remote Monitoring Solution
-Minimises face to face contact time between the nurse and the patient
-Helps in regulatory compliance of hospital

NCFT for non-contact temperature measurements

- Ready to use
- Helps to measure temperature without any contact
- Facilitates quick temperature measurements
- Detects normal and abnormal temperature conditions

Physical Distancing

Clinicians and healthcare workers are handling a large number of COVID patients daily. In this situation, physical distancing is very important.

Accuflow Drip Monitor helps you to minimize the frequent interactions at the patient bedside during IV monitoring.